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Acerca Karen
Holistic Oils

Hello everyone!


I am Karen, originally from Mexico but currently living in Vancouver, Canada. I have a furry companion named Appa who I lovingly call my dog/son, and I am blessed to be in a fulfilling relationship with my life partner. I come from a loving family with two younger siblings.


I see myself as a free soul, flowing through this human experience with awe and wonder. I have lived more than six lives in my thirties alone, not in terms of reincarnations, but in the sense of constantly renewing myself and creating new realities that align with my evolving self.


Service has always been my guiding star. I am passionate about serving others, and I have been on a journey to spread love and positivity in various ways. I have traveled, connected with people from different cultures, studied different religions, and expanded my mind in diverse ways to learn from myself and others.


I have also discovered the profound healing power of simple acts of kindness and gratitude, such as greetings, hugs, smiles, and expressions of love. In addition, I have learned and practiced energy management, thought management, and natural remedies from the wisdom of the grandmothers of the mountains, such as the use of oils, incense, herbs for smudging, manifestation rituals, and meditation. I am a graduate in smudging, astral sweeping, and healing in service to the light.


Throughout my journey, I have played the roles of both student and teacher, and I am excited to take the next step in my human and spiritual growth by sharing my knowledge and experiences with all of you.


I am grateful for each step of this process, and I am honored to have you all with me on this journey of growth and self-discovery.




Karen Fernandez Casso



"For a Healthier Existence"


Mission: To help all individuals in their efforts to improve their lifestyle, open their minds, rediscover their 5 senses, connect with the 5 elements, and make their transition to the 5th dimension alongside Gaia lighter. We aim to caress the soul with sounds, practices, essences, food, and other tools shared with love and the intention of making their experience more enjoyable. We help you transform, heal, and create a lighter reality, to 'bring heaven to earth'.


Vision: To make the world a better place where we all coexist in harmony with our beloved Mother Earth Gaia, where our bodies are temples of light and love, creating a warm place to experience and improve your physical, mental, spiritual, soulful, and holistic lifestyle with the help of the services we offer in this sacred space of understanding, guidance, companionship, and enjoyment.


Objective: To make all the tools, knowledge, and experiences that we know help you build a healthier existence accessible to you. Here, at Holistic Oils 5D, we know that love is the answer to everything, which is why we reach out to you through aromatherapies with essential oils, incenses, meditation practices, yoga, mantras, and mudras, healing with mandalas, empowerment with stones, transformation and adaptation with healthy diets that make your body, mind, soul, and spirit feel good... Join us!!

● Love: Considered the cornerstone of our creation, it is the force that moves us beyond our bodies, allowing us to connect with our spirit, with others, and with the Whole. It gives us the gift of experiencing our existence in its fullest expression.


● Honesty: To achieve coherence and transparency, we place great importance on the trust placed in us, seeking to inspire transparency in the actions, dialogues, and experiences we share together.


● Respect: To live and let live is highly valued by us. In the presence of Mother Nature, Gaia, we are all equal, we all feel and live our spirituality, our life in our own way, just as a tree exists to give us oxygen and provide a nest for a bird to build, we provide a space of respect to honor and live our processes from an innocent and loving perspective.


● Commitment: When it comes to being there for you on the path you have chosen to take, we are committed to being with you every step of the way, consistent and mindful of the agreement we are making, expecting both you and us to put our heart, mind, soul, spirit, energy, and time necessary to make our challenges possible!


● Trust: We have certainty in what we do, which is why we make all the content you find here available to others, as these tools have allowed us to achieve standards of faith and hope that we could never have imagined: certainty, and that has manifested in our body, mind, material, and spiritual world.



Since ancient times, essential oils have been used for medicinal, spiritual, cosmetic, and culinary purposes. Thank you for trusting in the holistic powers of essential oils and in our ability to help heal and improve your existence day by day, bringing quality, light, and life to your emotional and physical body. Scents have the ability to transport us to the past, allowing us to "relive" specific episodes, such as remembering a person, a place, a moment, or a meal.


Essential oils are used to promote healthy responses in the body.


An essential oil is the essence extracted from aromatic plants through distillation (by steam distillation) or by cold pressing of the peels in the case of citrus oils. Essential oils can penetrate through the sense of smell or through the skin. When perceiving the presence of an essential oil, it generates a stimulus in the olfactory system or in the circulatory system through the skin, which sends signals to the limbic system that directly affect regions associated with emotions and vital processes.



Group: 10-15 people capacity


Duration: 60 minutes, $35 CAD


Aromatherapy accompanied by solfeggio frequencies (which stimulate your chakras) is a soulful experience, where essential oils act within seconds. It is a natural method based on the biochemical activity of essential oil molecules, used to achieve different responses in the body. During this session, we will use sight and breathing, as well as body movements, mudras, mandala creation, and conscious meditation to achieve a sense of balance or normalization. This stimulates cellular regeneration and function in an organ or the nervous system, increases blood circulation, and produces powerful vasodilation and an increase in body temperature.




Duration: 45 minutes, $45 CAD


Aromatherapy massage harnesses the properties of essential oils extracted from aromatic plants to restore balance and harmony to the body and mind for the benefit of our health and beauty. Some of the highlighted properties include:


● Analgesic: Eases pain, such as frankincense and lavender.


● Calming: Mitigates brain excitability, providing calmness, like lavender.


● Anti-inflammatory: Counters inflammation, such as citrus oils like orange and lemon.


● Stimulating: Acts on digestion, reducing bloating, like basil and mint.


● Regenerative and healing: Improves skin regeneration and healing, like frankincense and geranium.


● Toning: Activates circulation, like cypress and rosemary.


● Bactericidal: Has the ability to destroy resistant germs.



-To obtain these effects, it is essential to use natural essential oils extracted from plants. There are synthetic essences (absolutes) available in the market that lack these properties. It is important to use essential oils that have been extracted naturally (through distillation or pressing), without using solvents or chemical processes that may alter their properties.


Integral Recovery:

Good health integrates emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects, entering into a dance between releasing and receiving, giving way to a constant process of conscious holistic healing. The function of essential oils during your healing process is to assist, meaning you have to work inward with clarity and objectively analyze your reality for the treatment to be effective.




Duration: 1 hour, $75 CAD.


Essential oil treatment is sold separately.


Within this section, we also offer the ITOVI service, which consists of a personalized diagnosis that facilitates your transition from physical and emotional affliction to balance and well-being in both aspects. This aims to consciously and specifically support your transformation process towards a better state of physical, mental, and spiritual health.




Emotional Body:


Emotions are genetically determined and regulated by nervous structures that act as adapters for human beings in response to various external or internal events.


Etymologically, the word "emotion" comes from the Latin word "movere" which means to move towards, inviting you to consider emotions as an intense and brief affective state (depending on you), accompanied by thoughts and feelings that trigger bodily sensations, known as somatic response.


The emotions to work on will be listed in the table on the right, on a scale from 6 to 0, where 6 indicates urgency to work on and 0 indicates excellent status.


Physical Body:


The somatic response of the body to emotions that you process with difficulty occurs at the neuronal level, activating or inhibiting patterns of responses due to your behavioral response, i.e., how you act: do you listen to your body?


Do you accept, process, and transform feelings of fear, joy, sadness, anger, love, etc.?


Recommended essential oils create a conducive environment and instill the strength and courage necessary for change, but it is important to combine essential oils with individual emotional work to achieve transformation.



Duration: 1 hour

$29 CAD per class

$75 CAD for 3 classes.

Capacity: 10-15 people.


Yoga with essential oils is beneficial due to its three main components: asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation. Modern research has shown that yoga can help us manage stress, but why is that exactly? Studies have demonstrated that yoga has the ability to decrease salivary cortisol, which is a well-known stress hormone. Additional studies have also found that relaxation-based yoga training can help stabilize the function of the autonomic nervous system, the system that controls breathing, heart rate, and digestive processes. Yoga also plays a significant role in reducing heart rate. One study showed that not only is breathing beneficial for overall brain wave activity, but so is meditation and postures. These yoga practices have been found to stimulate the amygdala and frontal cortex, which house our memory and emotional reactions. As you can see, all these benefits can have a positive effect on our well-being.

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