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Photography / Video studio rates

Bring your own gear or use some of ours


These rates are for simple photography studio bookings only. For larger productions, please contact us.

**For Saturday & Sunday bookings, we require a minimum of 4 hours (some exceptions may apply)

***Contact us if you want to book more than 8+ hours or outside of regular operating hours



Currently looking for monthly renters to share the space, please contact for more info

Rates / Info

✦ Natural light with large windows ✦ Central location in Gastown area ✦ Walking distance from Waterfront Station


1 hour


2 hours


Half day (4 hours) 


Full day (8 hours)


Film Day (12 hours)
$600 (9am - 9pm)

Contact us for availability and specific hours

All bookings are subject to $25 cleaning fee

Friday, Saturday and Sunday minimum is 4hrs rentals

Monthly rates available please contact us

Rental Includes 

White wall (use it as it is. You can request a fresh coat of paint for $50)

2 Seamless Paper backdrops - Black, White -

7 Light stands and 2 c-stand

3 Speedlights (flash)

3 LED lights (perfect for interviews)

Light modifiers:
2 Profoto RFi 2x3 softboxes, 1 Parabolic Octa

3 Light reflectors

Industrial fan

6 ft clothing rack on wheels

60 inch TV on wheels

3 black low stools

4 grey chairs

1 stool in wheels

Optional add - ons

We have two 4k Sony Camcorder that can be use for
LIVE-STREAMING or Recording your BEHIND THE SCENES for additional $100 per hour, the rate includes an operator.

We record in your SD cards so you can take all RAW footage with you.

We currently have WHITE. BLACK, RED and GREEN seamless paper backdrops that you can roll down for a seamless look.

The cost is $30 per 10 feet.

Video is also possible with multiple camera angles and lighting against a plain backdrop, bricks or green screen.

You can use our lights and stands. The space is set up as work-live, and as it is within a residential building, it is appreciated that noise levels are kept to a relative minimum.

You CAN NOT use loud music instruments or loud speakers.

How do I get in? Would you be there when I arrive? Instructions in how to enter are emailed/showed to you when you pay for your booking. If you can't find them reach to us, we ALWAYS reply within few hours.

The phone number listed is only to activate the buzzer, no one is answering those calls.Please message us.

There's a 10 minutes grace period at the beginning and end of your rental, more time used will be billed as overtime. Book accordingly, don't underestimated setting up and packing time. NO exceptions
Overtime is billed at $55

We can host:
•Photo/videoshoots  •Workshops  •Small group meetings/interviews  •Informal talks/podcasts  •Launch events for local brands •Kickstarter Video  •Film Shoot  •Music Video  •Filming  •Green Screen  •Video Shoot  •Promotional Video  •Documentary Shoot  •Fitness Video  •Filmed Interview  •Web Series Shoot  •Family Photo Shoot  •Wedding Photo Shoot  •Maternity Photo Shoot  •Portrait Photoshoot  •Bohemian Photo Studio  •Fashion Shoot  •Product Shoot  •Boudoir Photo Shoot (inquiry first)

  • Space has natural light.

  • Natural light can be blocked out.

  • Two large windows facing south. We have blinds so you can block the light easily. Sun come in through the windows in the morning before 11am.

  • The power in the space is as any normal residential unit. we have plenty of outlets around the walls and extension cords.

  • Circuit breaker can not be accessed.


  • Maximum fifteen (15) people allowed.

  • Noise and disturbances must be kept to a very low level.

  • No items can be left in common areas of the building.

  • We ask that you leave the studio in the condition that you found it.

  • There is a 10 minute grace period if you are running late at the end of your booking. Otherwise overtime is subject to $55/hour late fee with a minimum of a 1 hour charge 

  • Furniture and decorations may be moved

  • Sofa and table can be moved around. Some wall art and decorations CANT be removed

  • No smoke machines allowed

  • The building has usually a concierge at the lobby. Hallways, elevator and common spaces are being monitored daily.

Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday

8:00 AM - 9:00 PM

ataraxia parking

Full day parking spots according to the city of Vancouver

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