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Acerca Valentina

Valentina Iturraspe


From a very young age, the methods and activities that gave me tools for self-knowledge caught my attention. I started with Reiki, then I got certified as a Mind-Body Practitioner, and lastly, I got into Bioneuroemotion ( philosophy and a way of perceiving life. Seeks to foster emotional adulthood, teaching people how to take full responsibility for their actions, and empowering them to get out of victimization by making consistent decisions)
From there my life changed completely, I felt great changes immediately. I was able to release so much guilt, resentment, and sadness that I had been holding on to despite how much I had tried to let go. Through I brought unconscious information to awareness and fostered a change in perception.
As my journey continued, I consolidated more and more Unity Consciousness in my life. After re-discovering myself and understanding that life itself is recognizing oneself and giving oneself that important place, it became clear to me that from now on offering my service as a Bioneuroemotion Practitioner to achieve emotional awareness is what I want to do. And not only that but also being able to share my conscious parenting experience full of enriching learning.
I invite you to get to know us, get to know me and get to know yourself...

I hope it will be soon and accompany you on this path!

With love, Valentina

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